Conserving water, saving electricity, not using plastic bags, not littering – my family has been doing all of this for a while now. And we are convinced that ZED is perhaps the only place where our sensitivities are respected and shared. BCIL took time to explain their philosophy and, more importantly, wanted us to be involved. I have always been fascinated by homes that are integral to their surroundings – a truly eco home was always the dream. When I heard about ZED I fell in love immediately. I’m not particularly fond of apartments, but I was sold on BCIL’s ideas. I know it’s the right choice.
While searching for a city home, we wanted to explore intelligent ways of urban living. We found that solutions depend on us and the choices we make. ZED provides us with the space that enables us to make these choices everyday. It makes it possible to live a comfortable, modern life, and do so with care for the earth’s resources. 
- Mamta Krishna, Homemaker
We looked a lot – flats, individual homes, everything – and were really frustrated. But thanks to ZED my kids and family are very happy. 
- Mira Nair
Awareness has come to my mind on how to live with comfort and luxury and not be wasteful. 
- Pooja
What I found here is beyond my imagination of possibilities. 
- Manu Bhatia
We fell in love with this place. It was love at first sight. 
- Ms Vidya
Even well travelled people who have seen the world come here to find warmth. 
- Maya Unnikrishnan
Moving into a ZED home changed the way I think of work and life. I am indebted to Dr Hariharan and BCIL for helping me move from a nondescript IT sector professional to becoming an eco-entrepreneur now offering water treatment solutions that are global class.  
- Sekhar
My journey with BCIL began in 1997 when I bought a place with Trans Indus. To this day, I keep in touch with them. I credit the company and its values for moving away from conventional professions to becoming a green entrepreneur with products and services for water management. Dr Hariharan is still a mentor after 18 years!
- Vijay Sampath, Water entrepreneur
I have bought several properties from Group Zed in the last 8 years. I admire their integrity and honesty, and never hesitate recommending Zed home options to friends. They set a very high benchmark, though on delivery they have been short some times.
- Venkatesan
My first purchase with BCIL was in 1997. I made the decision in 15 minutes. After nearly 20 years, I find Dr Hariharan continuing to be a person who drives values with a missionary zeal that is hard to match. I emerge out of every meeting with him, a little more knowledgeable on what we can do to make the world a better place to live in.
- P. Shreekanth
For Trans Indus – I came back from the City just now always a little perturbed at the bustle and din. It takes me a while to restore a sense of calm. I invariably find myself walking to the over-view that drops from the club house. The area reposes with a great quietude. Gentle. It’s the kind of quietude that I would like to think Gandhi developed as he grappled with those huge local and global forces that were convulsing an emergent nation. Its the kind of place you can feel the turn of the cakra and the coming together of the many diverse stands that constitute our history, the thread that ties us to the earth and the past. The thread that can only be wrought with the gentleness of the heart and hand. And that is here very much as well. I think of you in your early days here. Saplings in used Pepsi bottles now towering …trees. The quiet is the same, but now richer because the earth was touched with a gentle heart and hand. Yours. Wildlife abounds. The earth sings. After the city, I let these sounds wrap themselves about me gathering me up into a richer texture of earth that goes back millenniums, to magical dawns and a certain poetry of being that Gandhi hoped we too would see again instead of the artifice we have got unwittingly ensnared in, to our great loss and to humankind. So it is nice to come back here, cakra like. I remember your full enthusiasm then. Elizabeth was here as well. Other people who have become the deeper memories of this place. But they all linger. They have become the fabric of this place. Spun into the earth. A sound thread. Earthy. Full. Vital.
For ZedCollective – ZED Collective is a labour of love and a shining example for us to be able to showcase how the ultimate in Green Buildings and Green Campus are commercially viable. I know that if I were to live in Bangalore, ZED Collective would have been my natural choice.
- Dr Prem Jain, national chairman, Indian Green Building Council.


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