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Homes in North Bangalore - Zero energy homes in Bangalore are no homes set as matchboxes with steel and concrete. Over 25 years we have created an oeuvre of design that blends traditional knowledge with contemporary engineering. Most builders fear our growth into the larger mould, for they know that it is hard to match what we offer customers. Luckily for them we have chosen to be small, doing signature projects that are hand-crafted.

The idea from our inception has been not maximizing gains but pushing the frontier of the future of homes in Bangalore. To call them ‘projects’ will be a poor description, for they are slices of that vision of mainstreaming urban sustainability that Group ZED has held steadfastly for all its long years.

Our patience and resoluteness has been rewarded by customers waiting sometimes ten years to buy a ZED home. “We couldn’t afford to buy a house all these years. But we swore to ourselves that when we buy we’ll pick up only a ZED home,’ is testimony we have received from at least a half-dozen families.

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