ZED Expanse

Completed: December, 2003

Location: JP Nagar, Mysore.

Spread: 72 plots in 6.5 acres, 1900 to 2300 sq. ft. Expanse sprawls over 6 acres, with 176 homes.

Located in JP Nagar, Mysore this property consists of 72 plots spread across 6.5 acres Expanse is one of the largest and one of the many ‘near-carbon-neutral’ communities that BCIL has built. Carbon-neutral simply means that this community will do its best not to add to the amount of carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere.

At Expanse, the technologies we’ve used are not just functionally efficient but also environmentally sound, economically viable and bring greater urban comfort and convenience. It’s a sensitive and holistic design approach that causes the least possible damage to things we all share – water, air, soil, forests, and more.

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