ZED Zone – Features

  • You generate right at home 1000 units minimum of power from the ZED solar installation we provide, at no extra cost to you! It is part of Group Zed’s commitment to protect the environment.
  • Airy spaces that recognize energies and happy living. “I got my first major professional break after moving into my ZED home,” says one Zedder. “Our Zed home brought us happiness with a child we had after moving in,” says another.
  • A massive 6,000 sq. feet of Roof Top farming space that the company enables, at no extra cost to you, while we expect the community to take care of it, and reap the benefits.
  • A tastefully swimming pool to professional specs.
  • All of 6,000 sft of a club space with a host of facilities to entertain.
  • A Rainwater Harvesting System that the Company does as its own commitment to green causes, at no extra cost to you.
  • CCTV Surveillance to enhance security needs
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