Trans Indus

TRANS INDUS: Kindle that sense of wonder…

Completed: January, 2000

Location: Off Kanakapura Road, Tataguni village, Bangalore.

Spread: 68 plots in 42 acres, 6000 to 24000 sq. ft.

In a world that is caught up in the frenzy of doing, TRANS INDUS offers the opportunity to rekindle in its residents and their children, that sense of wonder, and of reflection on the spectacle of a flower in bloom, of the intricate pattern that a starlit night weaves, of the daily drama of the sun sinking in a resplendent sky. Of a spirit of camaraderie and neighbourliness amongst people that has been endangered by a relatively bleak life played out in gray apartments amid the City’s bustle…

TRANS INDUS is just a half-hour’s drive from Banashankarin in south Bangalore, on a remarkably undulating stretch of woodlands. The tree cover—with over 50,000 plants and trees set out on a 42-acre expanse —have ensured that each of the villas remain unobtrusive. The accent is on the horizontal, and not vertical lines. All villas on campus have been built using effective building technologies. We have used as far as possible, locally available earth-friendly, low-maintenance, energy-efficient building materials that make it possible to responsibly conserve natural resources without compromising comfort and convenience.

Simple conservation techniques characterise design approaches—from earthen pots that help improve soil moisture, to mulch covers that conserve water for deep roots; from leaving most surfaces ‘unprepared’ to making them permeable so the lands can breathe and strengthen groundwater retention…

A leisure centre, an amphitheatre built on the lines of a Rangayan, a private, relaxed bar and restaurant and a natural swimming pool also form part of this campus.

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