ZED Collective

ZED COLLECTIVE: Distinct, yet like any other

Completed: December, 2007

Location: Yelahanka, Bangalore

Spread: 72 Apartment homes.

For BCIL, this was a graduation on our understanding of the grammar of the urban fabric. The idiom was contemporary but the language was ascetic in its articulation of every element, whether it was the use of water or energy or the orientation of waste management; whether it was integrating systems for air-cooling, or picking the right plant and sub-species for sequestering carbon.

ZED COLLECTIVE offers an apartment that looks just like any other. And yet when you understand its vitals you begin to see the distinct refinement in sustainable design that has enhanced urban comfort and convenience.

ZED COLLECTIVE is a campus which is, at the time of writing, short of securing the highest platinum points in the world under the post-construction category under the Indian Green Building Council. It is a campus that marks the sharpest reduction in carbon emission in the composite patterns of building materials employed. These have shown a validated drop of 46 per cent in carbon emission on account of embodied energy of the spectrum of materials used.

In its conscious recognition of the regular building of a regular builder, ZED COLLECTIVE offers assurance to the building industry that they can do what we have done in ZED COLLECTIVE.

In its being seemingly conventional on design and visual impact, we have allayed apprehensions of the layman: Will this building last? Will there be challenges of maintaining it? Will it cost us more for maintenance? Can anyone maintain this campus? Will it require technical skills that only you at BCIL can provide? These are questions that would no more come to the minds of people.

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