ZED – T Zed

T-ZED HOMES: Inspiring a New Urban World

Completed: December, 2007

Location: Old Airport-Whitefield Road, Bangalore

Spread: 76 Apartment homes and 15 single family homes in 5 acres.

This was a defining moment for ZED when we decided to take on directly the challenges of creating apartments in the harsher context of cities. We moved away from the periphery for fear that we will destroy fertile farmlands.Cities can’t claim green lands, we realized–not with homes and offices that add to the urban chaos.

T-ZED Homes breached every architectural barrier and defined a new moment, a new language for the world. It is one of the most acclaimed residential developments across the globe, with very few such models of sustainable urban housing anywhere in the world.

We showed prescience and foresight in Oct 2004 when we wrote “T-ZED will herald and inspire the beginning of new urban policy initiatives.” Ten years, later by 2014, this campus stands as energetic testimony to what will come as urban housing in the decades beyond.

Low carbon emission, sun-baked blocks, renewable energy source for hot water, a 40 per cent drop in energy demand load, a 70 per cent drop in energy use, a 30 per cent drop in fresh water use, a 5 per cent drop in internal temperature, a 60 per cent drop in use of diesel and other fossil fuels, a 60 per cent drop in manufacturing energy for building blocks and materials, a 30 per cent drop in maintenance costs of repaint, an 80 per cent decrease in use of transportation energy for all materials during construction…T-ZED Homes offers so much that the world has to be inspired into adopting these directions into the grim future before us. A future that has no precedents, as solutions from the past, for the urban challenges that we have brought upon ourselves in the last 50 years.

If there is a road to luxurious living sustainably, here is a definitive path that every home and building has to take if we need to save our cities.

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